How players in Fire Emblem Heroes get Orbs

The Orbs are the currency in the game that you need to acquire and is quite essential if you are looking forward to winning the game in the long term. The Orbs have been quite known and are much difficult to have in abundance. Do look for a different option to get them in your lap through various innovative strategies and the updates that you do in your game. The Fire Emblem is the game of heroes but it is played with a currency and that is known as Orbs, you can get as my orbs as you want with Fire Emblem Heroes Hack.

fire emblem heroes hackThe Orbs are free with every stage of the game, but sometimes you need to earn them too. They are quite difficult at times to receive in the middle of any game when you are looking forward to update your heroes. Let’s see how you can have most of the Orbs into your inbox:

  • If you can log in on a daily basis, then you will explore the easiest way to earn the Orbs into your game. The amount may not be much, but if you are getting the same without playing the game, then why not you explore it and enjoy the extras.
  • You can also earn the extra Orbs by completing the story maps or the special quests at the time of play. If you could able to complete all the story maps, then you will get approximately 135x into your account soon.
  • Every month the user gets the access to unlock the Orbs according to the difficulty levels and that are the Normal quest, hard quest, and Lunatic quest. They are differentiated on the basis of the quest level as the easy one starting from the normal and ending at Lunatic ones.
  • Every week the game adds two maps for the players to solve and each map gives you 2x, so remember if you solve them you will surely receive 6x on a weekly basis.
  • The game can be linked to your Nintendo account and that will give you 10x in addition. So, do try it today.
  • You can also do the micro transactions to purchase these Orbs for you and you can proceed with shopping and buy them out internally.

Playing Fire Emblem is not easy, but with Orbs, you can explore the world with not only luxury, but it can be an interesting journey for you. So, take care of these things once you play the game. As these minute tips while playing the game can result in the collection of lots of Orbs that you haven’t thought of, so take care of these tips and also keep on browsing for more if something gets discovered lately. Updating of the game is also necessary for the people having the best in your lap. So, do adhere to them as they can add up to your performance in the long term and can take you to the pinnacle of success that you deserve to be achieved at the earliest.


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